Let's talk about hair micropigmentation: a solution to your baldness

Stop suffering from baldness. An economical and quick solution that will improve your appearance.

Of course, there are bald celebrities who show off their heads with complete peace of mind, looking confident and happy. Bruce Willis has been appearing without a single hair for years on movie screens. And tennis player Andre Agassi was slow to acknowledge his alopecia, but there he is, as if nothing had happened. Or Prince William of England...

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But we know that this is not true for everyone. Abundant hair is associated with youth, strength, beauty even. The amount of hair has to do with the aesthetics we want to project and how we want to look.

It's not new or recent: there's the biblical story of Samson to remind us of the power of hair. 

But surely none of those proud bald men today were happy to lose their hair. I'm sure they looked for solutions or tried to stop the shedding, a way to keep it so they could go out in the street with peace of mind. 

We love it when people face the world with their eyes up, ready to conquer it. We love to see people full of confidence. And we understand that alopecia affects you.

That's the reason for our work.

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What can we do for you at Aruna Spa? Offer you a solution: scalp micropigmentation, also called capillary micropigmentation, a procedure so that you no longer have to hide your baldness and that does not cost a fortune, but is effective.


Scalp tattooing will improve your self-esteem


Each of us has an idea of ourselves that we like. You prefer to see yourself with hair and so you want to reclaim your self-image. Believe us, it's not just you. 

It has been proven that hair loss can become psychologically disabling. Alopecia can have negative effects, as it generates dissatisfaction and there are even studies published in the Journal British Association of Dermatologists that point out that baldness can lead some people to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Baldness has a solution, we know that

There are those who promise magic formulas to solve the issue of hair loss, to put an end to baldness: medications, lotions, creams, hair transplants... All procedures that involve a significant or constant expenditure of money. 

Or that, to be effective, must be performed as soon as the amount of hair begins to decrease. But if you've already lost a lot of hair, they won't give you the result you want.

Is there a different solution, a way to not look absolutely bald or have to wear caps and hats? Yes, there is. Scalp micropigmentation is what you are looking for. Scalp micropigmentation is the solution to your baldness.

 Do you want your hair back? 🤔

We can help you
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At Aruna Spa we have a solution that has proven to be effective: scalp micropigmentation.

What is scalp micropigmentation as a solution for baldness?


We are talking about a technique to give a different appearance to people who have lost their hair. It involves applying pigments to the scalp in those areas where the hair has disappeared or lost volume, changing the appearance.

In other words: it is a procedure on the scalp, to simulate the existence of hair where it is no longer there, both in the frontal area and at the crown of head.

What does a person with hair micropigmentation look like?


A hair micropigmentation - or scalp micropigmentation - is a procedure that, done with the necessary technique, knowledge and skill, achieves the desired effect: that people do not look bald.


This change will allow you to regain your self-confidence and stop feeling bad because you don't like the way you look.


We know this because at Aruna Spa we have seen the positive results of people who have had hair micropigmentation to solve their baldness.


We can also tell you that the appearance provided by scalp micropigmentation is natural and very real, as long as the procedure is performed by an experienced practitioner.


Who is the hair micropigmentation expert at Aruna Spa?


In Aruna Spa the specialist in hair micropigmentation is Mary Arenas.

She has more than five years of experience in this procedure and the results obtained have satisfied more than 100 people who have passed through her hands. 

She is in charge of Aruna Spa, in Staten Island, an establishment of high quality and comfort for all its clients.

What do I need to undergo hair micropigmentation?


Schedule an appointment, but it is also possible, if you have doubts, to have a previous conversation in a video call to answer all the questions you want to ask us.👇👇

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Frequently asked questions about hair micropigmentation


Does scalp micropigmentation hurt?

The procedure involves small punctures in order to deliver the pigment to the scalp. It is not a painless procedure, but it is not particularly painful either. However, some topical anesthetics may be used.

How much does hair micropigmentation cost?

It depends on the number of sessions needed and the area of the head that needs to be treated. However, scalp micropigmentation is a much more affordable procedure than other baldness solutions.

Is the result permanent?

The pigments used can last up to five years without loss of color, however, it is possible to retouch after a couple of years if necessary.


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