Data Policy and use of information of Aruna Spa


In the development of its business activities, Flawless Micro NY (Aruna Spa) is responsible for and custody for itself, personal data of persons that are stored and processed in databases for legitimate purposes, seeking to comply with respect for privacy. of the information.

It is understood as the RESPONSIBLE for the treatment of personal data a natural or legal person, public or private, who by himself or in association with others decides on the basis of data and/or the treatment thereof.

The personal data that Flawless Micro NY (Aruna Spa) captures and stores, whether as RESPONSIBLE, will be treated in compliance with the principles of privacy and good practices regarding the protection of personal data.

For the purposes of responsibility in data handling, we have defined as stakeholders, among others, and not limited to them: employees, suppliers, current and potential customers, shareholders and business partners.

The databases in which Flawless Micro NY (Aruna Spa) acts as RESPONSIBLE will be treated in accordance with the following general purposes:

For the fulfillment of the obligations and/or commitments derived from the relationships, contractual or not, existing with each type of public.
For the fulfillment of the legal obligations that involve personal data of its interest groups.
For commercial management and relationship with its stakeholders.
For the prospective analysis of trends and preferences of its stakeholders in relation to its goods and/or services.
To prospectively know the needs of its stakeholders in order to innovate and satisfy them.
To communicate to your stakeholders information about your goods, services, publications, training events, business activities and advertising associated with your business activity, whether it be goods and/or services.
To deploy corporate social responsibility activities towards its stakeholders.
In each business process, according to the personal data collected and treatment to be carried out, the particular purposes of such treatment will be previously informed in the respective privacy notice, without prejudice to the treatment authorized by law.

Browsing data on the website(s)

The navigation systems of the Flawless Micro NY (Aruna Spa) websites collect personal data. Due to its nature, the information received, captured or collected may allow association with third-party data. These include, but are not limited to: the connection IP address, the URL from which it comes and which you visit, date and time of navigation, duration of the visit, clicks on pages, links and buttons, among others. This statistical information could be directly associated with the user or be anonymous, and will be used for prospecting the needs of Flawless Micro NY (Aruna Spa) stakeholders in order to innovate and satisfy them.

Cookie Management

Flawless Micro NY (Aruna Spa) websites use Cookies to record the aforementioned data. You can eliminate, reject or prevent the use of these cookies, deleting the existing ones or configuring your browser and disabling the JavaScript codes in the security settings of your browser.

Any person in their capacity as owner or legitimately authorized, in relation to the processing of their personal data has the right to:

1. Exercise their right of habeas data consisting of knowing, updating, rectifying, opposing and canceling the information collected from them, in those cases where appropriate.
2. Evidence the existence of the consent granted.
3. Carry out the actions in terms of personal data protection and habeas data.

For the exercise of habeas data, the owner of the personal data or whoever demonstrates a legitimate interest in accordance with the provisions of current regulations, may do so by contacting Flawless Micro NY (Aruna Spa) via email info@arunaspa.com by going to web address https://www.arunaspa.com/. Whoever exercises habeas data must accurately provide the requested contact information for the purpose of processing and attending to your request and deploying the charges for the exercise of your rights.

Once Flawless Micro NY (Aruna Spa) receives the request, it will respond within fifteen (15) business days, which may be extended for eight (8) additional days, prior communication to the person who has exercised this right.

The treatment of personal data carried out by Flawless Micro NY (Aruna Spa) in accordance with this policy, will be done based on the standard, procedures and instructions adopted by the company for compliance with the legislation applicable to the protection of personal information.

Fecha de creación: 27 de septiembre de 2022