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Discover all of our procedures we offer at Aruna SPA, leader in aesthetics for both women and men in Staten Island, New York.

Aruna Beauty Treatments

We are leaders in high quality aesthetic treatments  in New York. Permanent makeup, scalp micro pigmentation, facial & body treatments, laser hair removal using the latest in technology


Permanent Makeup

Make your makeup routine easier by Learning about our specialized services. Microblading - Powder - Mix and nano brows - Permanent makeup  & Scalp micro pigmentation.

Benefits of Micropigmentation


Natural look result, long lasting, water proof, low maintenance and best of all, save time time and money with your normal make up routine and products


Increase pigmentation and contour for pale and aging lips and neutralize dark lips to reach the desire color

Scalp Tatto
Scalp Tatto

Reliable hair loss solution with low maintenance and a realistic and youthful appearance

Areola restoration tatto
Areola restoration tatto

Comming soon


The appearance of your eyes and lashes will be enhanced, your eyes will look open and brighter.


Facial Treatment

Learn about our services such deep cleansing, dermaplaning, microneedling, hydrafacial, deep hydration radio frequency, micro current, gua sha lifting massage and much more

Benefits of a facial treatment


Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

beauty treatment

Eliminate impurities and dead skin cells of your skin.


Regulate your acne and minimize scars


You will have softer, firmer, more hydrated skin


Your skin will be cleansed of impurities, remaining makeup, micropowder, and environmental pollution.


IV Therapy

Our specialized IV will provide essential vitamins and elements to revitalize, hydrate, promote muscle recovery and eliminate toxins and fatigue.

Benefits of IV Therapy


Improve your health.


Improve your appearance and enhance your natural beauty.

beauty treatment

Improve your athletic stamina.


Quickly relieve the symptoms of a hangover


You can support a healthy weight loss.


Laser Hair Removal

Discover the benefits of our laser hair removal treatment.
  • Removes face and body unwanted hair.
  • Quick & painless sessions.
  • Reduce 70% to 100% of  hair in just 6 to 10 sessions.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs.
  • No downtime required.
Eliminate peach fuzz indefinitely

Eliminate peach fuzz indefinitely

Each treatment is less painful

Each treatment is less painful

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs

Your won’t have to wait a certain amount of time for hair to grow

Your won’t have to wait a certain amount of time for hair to grow

Treatment uses advanced technology

Treatment uses advanced technology

Benefits of laser hair removal


EMSCULPT Treatment

Our treatment using EMSCULPT technology is authorized by the FDA. We help women and men develop muscle mass and burn fat in:

  • Abdomen
  • Glutes
  • Legs

Benefits of Body Contouring Treatment

Works directly on the muscles

Acts directly on the abdomen

Decrease flaccidity

Decrease flaccidity

Changes are evident

Changes are evident

Burn fat and develop muscle mass

Burn fat and develop muscle mass

Localized procedure

Localized procedure

Know the plans and prices of our services

  • Micropigmentation
  • Massage
  • facial treatments
  • Laser
  • Description Price Duration
    Microblading $500 90m
    Microblading Touch Up $250 45m
    Powder Brows $500 90m
    Powder brows touch up $250 45m
    Hybrid Brows $600 105m
    Hybrid brows touch up $300 60m
    Lip tint tattoo $500 120m
    Lip tint touch up $300 90m
    Eyeliner tattoo $500 90m
    Eyeliner touch up $250 90m
    Hairline tattoo $1.200 90m
    Hairline touch up $400 90m
    Hairline and crown $1.500 120m
    Hairline and crown touch up $500 120m
    Hairline, crown and back of the head $1.800 180m
    Hairline, crown and back of the head touch up $600 180m
    Alopecia full head $4.500 240m
    Alopecia full head touch up $1500 240m
  • Description Price Duration
    Swedish Massage $120 75m
    Swedish Massage $160 105m
    Prenatal Massage $120 75m
    Lymphatic drainage $120 75m
    Deep tissue $120 75m
    Bridal Packages $350 150m
    Body shaping treatment x 10 sessions $1200 105m
    Butt cupping x 10 sessiones $900 60m
    Emsculpt x 6 sessions $1500 45m
  • Description Price Duration
    Deep cleance $120 90m
    Dermaplaning $180 90m
    Hydrafacial $200 90m
    Microneedling $250 90m
    Dream facial $300 120m
    Back cleance $90 60m
    Gluteos treatmen $120 60m
    Oxygen facial $200 120m
    Radiant glow $280 120m
    Golden skin $300 60m
    Led therapy $60 30m
    Gua sha lifting face massage $180 75m
    Glass skin rejuvenation treatment $500 90m
    PRP $450 75m
    IV therapy $250 60m
  • Description Price Duration
    Full body x 10 sessions $4000 +
    Lip $65 15m
    Chin $65 15m
    Side burns $65 15m
    Lip and Chin $100 15m
    Full face $150 30m
    Armpit $65 15m
    Full legs $200 45m
    Half legs $130 30m
    Back $250 30m
    Lower back $140 30m
    Upper back $140 30m
    Nose and ears $75 15m
    Glutes $150 30m
    Glutes and perianal $200 30m
    Sowlders $100 30m
    Chest and stomach $240 45m
    Stomach $150 30m
    Chest $150 30m
    Full arms $140 45m
    Half arms $90 30m
    Beard contour $100 30m
    Bikini line $75 30m
    Extended Bikini $140 30m
    Brasilian $200 30m
    Cuerpo completo $1.200
    Pierna completa, bikini extendido + Pernieal $459
    Pierna completa, bikini extendido $300

Know the courses we have for you



Duration: 5 days

Powder brows

Duration: 5 days

Microblading & powder

Duration: 6 days

Lip tint tattoo

Duration: 5 days

Eyeliner tattoo

Duration: 3 days

Scalp micropigmentation

Duration: 5 days
Lash lift and eyebrow lamination

Lash lift and eyebrow lamination